What is Cashback and how does it work? What is online cashback?

As I have mentioned earlier that I will be discussing about cashback websites. Here I am, what is a cashback? Cashback is a service/promotion that is given to you after purchasing a product or a service. This can be given in the form of cash or a coupon or a card (eftpos card/visa or MasterCard.)

Why has cashback been given?

Cashback is purely given to promote their products/services or they want to you to make purchases with the particular vendor or business.

Online cashback

Today I would like to talk about online cashback, this is nothing but you buy online a product/service and give a particular amount of cashback. Now let’s get into the topic online cashback, there are many websites in the market that are willing to pay cashback for buying your daily needs or electronics, etc.

Let’s talk about two major cashback websites: pricepal.com.au and cashrewards.com.au, which will pay you a certain amount of cashback if you purchase through their website.

How does online cashback work?

Let me explain to you buy taking an example of cashrewards.com.au, I have decided to order some business cards through vistaprint.com.au. Firstly, I have created an account with cashrewards.com.au and then have searched vistaprint, followed by clicking the link called shop now in the cashrewards website. This link took me to original vistaprint website I have selected my order and paid to vistaprint lets say $100.00.

 Because I have opened the vistaprint website through cashrewards, so the purchase I have made though cashrewards and I am given a cashback of 10% from my total amount that I have paid to vistaprint.

I have saved $10.00 out of my original $100 which I have paid to vistaprint. You might be thinking why cashrewards is giving me cashback, because vistaprint is giving cashrewards around 15% if someone buys a product through cashrewards.com.au. Here cashrewards is getting 5% profit from my bill. This is a win-win situation. Either going or not going with cashrewards, I am still paying the same amount of money to vistaprint.

 I will give my personnel experience with cashback websites. So far, I have saved $310.15 when using cashrewards.com.au.

What are you waiting for, save something while you shop online, don’t forget to use these cashback websites before your next shop. 

Note: The above examples are an estimate only the figures are not accurate, the percentage cashback can change anytime so always check the websites.

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As I have mentioned earlier that I will be discussing about cashback websites. Her...


How clearancesale.net.au can save you big bucks?

First let me tell you how clearancesale has started its journey, I am a person who believes that every dollar counts in comes to spending money. So I always keep asking myself that “Am I happy what I am spending and is it worthy ?”. At one time I had to stop everything and run these questions in my brain and finally got the answers. I have started looking at only real sales like stock clearance and closing down sales where I will be paying only 20% or 30% of retail price.

I was lucky I have came across few sales shops in few shopping centres but that wasn’t enough for me, so I have started searching online to find the sales information at one place but I couldn’t . So I thought why I shouldn’t try getting this sales information at one place where bargains hunters like you can access. That’s when my journey started in creating this platform and I have named it as “clearancesale.net.au.”

I have gathered a team who can work hard to give their best. I have made my self and my team clear that this platform should serve the need of the customer. Therefore, as a team we have decided to list only sales which will give customers value of their money.


As previously mentioned, we will try to give our customers the best, there are four types of sales that will save our customers money such as :

1. Stock Clearance

There are two types in this category: one is where businesses decides to get a fresh stock and clear the old stock while the other is businesses only running with clearance items so they are always cheap, you could save 40-70% off Recommended Retail Price (RRP).

2. Closing Down sales

I am more focused on these sales because they allow customers save up to 80% RRP and businesses decide to close the store/shop or sell everything.

3. Warehouse Sales

I am even more interested in these particular sales where customers not only have direct access to wholesalers but also can save up to 90% RRP. These vendors do only wholesale trading but sometimes they will have direct sales to public. Don’t miss out!!!!

4. Discounted Stores

These stores are always running with discounted prices which include daily needs, groceries and appliances.


So here I and my team welcome YOU to our site “CLEARANCESALE.NET.AU” and we hope to make YOU happy by providing best sales information.


Happy Shopping

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Do you want to save on online grocery shopping!!!

 As we are entering into virtual world all giant supermarkets are investing on online shopping. They want you to buy in online and save time and money, they introduced click and pick up service. This is nothing but you shop and pay online and pick in the store at your convenience.

I know what you are thinking now, how can we benefit from it? It’s simple as I have mentioned earlier that supermarkets are focusing on online shopping. In order to make customer to buy online, they are throwing bonus points or discounts. They also giving free delivery for first order, here is the deal to make use of it.

For example we take Woolworths supermarket, it is one of the biggest supermarket in Australia. They are giving away free delivery for first order and discounts such as 20% (Coupon code: B2S20OFF, limited time only) off from total bill but minimum spend is $180. From this we can understand that they want us to spend more money with big discounts which we won’t get in the store.

I would like to mention here a website called cashrewards.com.au, this site will pay you if you shop through them. For instance they giving away $20 cash back if you buy from Woolworths for only first customers, I will go in detail soon. They also have 5% discount on major gift cards like Wish gift card.

Here I am going to tell you how I have saved $63.20 buy using above steps. So first I have signed up for cashrewards.com.au and created an account. Once that done I have searched for Woolworths gift card and bought a wish gift card worth $144 and paid $136.80 (saved $7.20 with 5% instant discount). Once I have received the gift card to email (note: buy gift card that can be used online and should receive in email), opened up cashrewards website and clicked Woolworths and it redirected to Woolworths website.

I have created an account and added goods worth of $180.00, before the payment section I have applied the above 20% off code which came to $144.00 (saved $36.00). As I have used cashrewards they going to give me $20.00 cash back but this may take a month or more.

Here are the figures                             Gift card: $   7.20

                                Woolworths 20% off code: $ 36.00

                                     Cashrewards cashback: $ 20.00 

                                               Total savings      :  $63.20

 You may create different accounts to your family members get the same benefit. So keep looking giant supermarkets facebook pages or ozbargain.com.au for discount coupon codes.


Happy shopping

Yours truly


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 As we are ...

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